Current needs of the school

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The italic type below is some extracted information re the current needs of school I witnessed which if can be supported either in part or whole in the different areas would be a great blessing to the school. Doubt

As a result of your assistance, our   Graduating Class of 2016 scored 100% passes, and had the second highest grade test score of 97 percentile in Shashemene.Again we reiterate that this school represents the only visible institution built in Shashamane, Ethiopia, by the Diaspora community and the Rastafari Settlers here. Generations of Ethiopians will be forever grateful for your support. Our earnest prayer is that future Ethiopian leaders will emerge from this school that will be grateful to our current and incoming repatriates. Thus far we have graduated 510 youths into Colleges and into the working class, affording them and their families a better quality standard of living, and supplied skilled professionals into the Shashamane labour force.Such achievements are outstanding when we consider the fact that with limited and depreciated facilities at our disposal we had been rated a 2 on a scale of 4 in terms of compliance requirements by the Minintry of Education. To be in full compliance and thus perform par excellence we need the following:Stability in reliability and an incremental increase in Salaries of qualified teachers. We have had a ‘brain drain’ of good teachers as the Government has increased incrementally, the salaries of qualified teachers in the Public sector by 40% . The Private sector can afford to compete as they collect high fees that we cannot charge as a licensed Charity school. We need your assistance to compete with this incremental increase of at least $12,000 for the next 6 months of the school year which begins September 2017.

  1. We are required by the Ministry of Education to have a separate Sanitary Facility for boys and girls in the Elementary section of the School to be in Compliance. Currently the existing facility is shared by male and female. This new sanitary rooms will cost $ 700 only, as the new structure can be piped into our existing sewage.

  2. Another compliant requirement is the repair of the fencing of the KG facility, separating it from the Elementary section. This proper fencing and repairs of the KG facility including the playground equipment renovation will cost $

  3. Our lack of an efficient equipped Computer Lab with Wi-Fi capability has put our school out of compliance with the Ministry of Education requirements. With the donation of your two Laptops and our existing 4 working computers we need to acquire 7 additional PCs. These can be acquired locally for the total amount of $ 2,800 including Wi-Fi equipment.

  4. 75 New Desks holding 3 students per desk; in the Elementary school @ $39 each = $2925.00

  5. Total needed to be in Compliance with Ministry requirements and upgrade of facility = $ 8,425

  6. For Incremental increase for Qualified Teachers for Six Months = $1200

Grand Total requested $ 20,425.

Karl Phillpotts

President Shashamane Foundation

12 new desks donated by Shashamane Foundation
12 new desks donated by Shashamane Foundation
12 new desks donated by Shashamane Foundation
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