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Facility Upgrade

Current Needs and Objectives

Although the long term  goal  of the Shashamane Educational Project is to achieve sustainability by the year 2020, we are currently seeking partnership and funding to underwrite the schools budget for 2018-2019 in the amount of $50,000. This educational project must be in compliance with the  Ethiopian  Education Bureau  requirements and safety standards. The school has managed to be in compliance with all of these requirements and standards except two task: (1)Remove and replace the old KG building to specific proximity from the Elementary School  building. This new  concrete 3 classroom structure  is estimated to cost $15,000, and (2)Build a  separate Sanitary Facility for the KG at an estimated cost of  $2,170.  Fulfilling these two immediate needs will allow for the Shashamane Educational Project to continue to be a safe space for our students and fulfill the requirements and standards set by The Ethiopian Education Bureau standards.

We have well-considered ideas about how to achieve our sustainability. Notably the acquisition of a tour passenger bus to be used to generate income in Ethiopia and we are prepared to expound on this with potential funders, if and when the opportunity lends itself.

Facility Progress Report

Water Tank

Water Tank donated by Sister Idama Kefentse fundraising efforts.

Computer Lab

The newly completed Computer Lab


New Desks Donated by Shashamane Sunrise