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2017/2018 Accomplishments: –

Adama Kefentse’s fundraising efforts in New York managed to raise $1230.00 which purchased 525 text Books and a balance which was applied to the building of a water tank facility. (see the facility improvement section)



To: Idama Kefentse

From: Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community

Subject: Thank you letter

On behalf of Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community school, I would like to say thank you for most kind and generous contribution of $ 1230 or 33,506.80 birr towards our school.

The money was utilized in buying text books, water container 2000 VL and building of column (pillar) for water container. With your donation 328 students will be educated and move towards a bright future. and they will be ensured of continued access to water even when the city water supply is temporarily unavailable, for hand washing and cleaning of sanitary facilities.

Your contribution helped us to be a self-reliance in replying the inquiry of the student’s as well as education office concerning text books,

In General, 320 English text books for grade 1-8, 45 social text books for grade 5-7, 50 mathematics’ texts books for grade 4- 8, 30 physics text books for grade 7 & 8, teachers guide 4, 75 science text books for grade 1-6 and total 525 books purchased with 13,525 birr


You are very special for JRDC school. I hope you know how much this contribution will do and how much, I personally, and the teachers collectively, thank you.


Once again thank you for your generous donation


Abdissa Gemechu


JRDC, Project coordinator

P.O Box 696 Shashemene, Ethiopia Telephone (251) 0461 10 09 46

E-mail: jamrascommunity@gmail.com


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President of Shashamane Foundation, School Principle and Project Manager, in newly completed facility.